11th March


Public Service Announcement

In the midst of this uncertain times, please know that our Drivers are taking full measure of personal safety and hygiene as protection for both Riding Pink Passengers and Drivers.


We seek your full cooperation when riding with our driver to practice personal hygiene and to be mindful when going inside the vehicle for your ride.


Every little step as simple as washing your hands with hand soap and covering your mouth as your sneeze/cough helps reduce the risk of infection effectively.


We hope you have a safe and smooth ride with us.

1st April



As you are aware, e-hailing regulations will come into effect on 12 July 2019. Under these new regulations, there are several key requirements that our drivers need to comply…Read More

20 December


Driver payment Procedure

Dear Pink Driver, we will be making changes to our payment processes. You may log into your driver account to upload proof of payment.

Please refer to this payment guide.

*payment guide attachment

20 December


Register as our driver today

E-Hailing has been legalized in Malaysia! Riding Pink is working with the government to ensure that all their drivers are licensed. Register with us a driver today at

25 July


How to issue a receipt to riders

Attention Pink Sisters! You can now issue receipts to your riders via Driver App.

Here are few simple steps you can follow to use the new feature…Read More