Frequently Asked Questions

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Passenger Information

Can I book a ride in advance?

Yes! Riding Pink specialises in pre-booked rides (book in advance).

You can book a Pink ride up to 2 weeks in advance before the scheduled pickup time, and a minimum of 30 minutes ahead. Early bookings are highly encouraged to ensure a better chance of getting a Pink driver!

What type of rides do you offer?


  • One-way/Return rides – Rides from ‘pick-up point’ to ‘destination’ at a specific date and time. Suitable for airport rides, weekly/monthly appointments etc.




  • PinKIDS (Recurring rides) – Rides from ‘pick-up point’ to ‘destination’ at a specific date and time that is requested for multiple days in a week. Suitable for school and work rides.




  • Multi-stop rides – Rides that have multiple stops and waiting time for the driver. Applicable for one-way/return rides & PinKIDS (recurring rides).
How much does a Pink Ride cost?

Need a Fare Estimate?:

  1. Open the Riding Pink passenger app and select ‘Book a ride’
  2. Enter your pickup and drop off details
  3. Click ‘Calculate Fare,’ and a fare estimate will appear on the screen. 
  • Fare estimates for multiple dropoffs and big vehicle option can also be found in the app.


The passenger fare is calculated as such:

Base fare + (cost per km x ride distance) + Toll Charges (if applicable) 


Base fare: RM7
Cost per km: 

  • RM1.10 (non-peak hours)
  • RM1.50-RM1.70 (peak hours & late night)

Waiting time: RM3 (for every 30 minutes)


Please note that:

  1. Your fare will exclude toll charges.
  2. Peak hour periods are: 6am – 9am & 5pm – 8.30pm, Monday – Friday.
  3. Late night period: 12am – 6am, Monday – Sunday.
Who can book a Pink Ride?

Riding Pink is a service exclusively made for all Malaysian/foreign women and children (under 18 years old).


For children under 18, we require the account holder (parent/legal guardian) to make the booking on behalf of their child and be available and in contact with the driver.

Where are your service areas?

Riding Pink is currently operating in Klang Valley & Johore.

How do I pay for Pink rides?

Passengers can use Cash or Pink Credit (cashless payment) to pay for all Pink rides. Please ensure you have sufficient credit in your Pink wallet before booking a ride.


To top-up Pink Credit:

  1. Open the RP passenger app and select ‘Pink Credit’.
  2. Select ‘Topup’ and choose your preferred top-up amount.
  3. Click ‘Topup Now’ to proceed with secured payment process.
How do I book a Pink ride?

To book a Pink ride:

  1. Tap ‘Book a Ride’ on the RP passenger app.
  2. Enter your ride’s pickup & dropoff details.
  3. Tap ‘Calculate Fare’ to get a fare estimate.
  4. Tap ‘Place Booking’ to confirm your ride request.


Please note:

  • You will receive a notification via the passenger app & email when a driver has been matched. 
  • Track your ride requests and contact your driver via the passenger app under ‘My Rides’ tab.
How do I contact my Pink Driver?

You can contact your Pink driver in two ways – call or text.


To contact your driver:

  1. Open the RP passenger app > click ‘My Rides’.
  2. Tap on your upcoming ride.
  3. Choose ‘call’ or ‘text’ icon to contact your driver.
Can I request the same driver?

Requesting for the same driver is subject to availability.

How do I book a ride for my children?

Our drivers must receive instructions from a parent or legal guardian to drive the little ones.


The account holder (an adult) can make the booking on behalf of their child and be available and in contact with the driver. 


You can choose one of these 2 options when booking a ride for your child on the passenger app:



  • ‘Book a Ride’


    • one-way/return ride by a Pink driver.
    • Get notified via the app and email when a driver has been matched to your ride request.



  • ‘PinKIDS’ 


    • Multiple rides per week by a regular Pink driver.
    • Our admin team will be in touch with you to confirm the booking when a regular driver has been matched.
Do you provide baby car seat?

We currently do not offer this feature in our service. Passengers are permitted to use their own personal baby car seat and must be available to ensure it’s properly secured for their child’s ride.

I left something behind in the car. Can you help me retrieve it?

If you are unable to contact your driver, please contact Riding Pink’s WhatsApp Hotline or Facebook Messenger and provide us your ride details for us to further assist you.

How do I cancel a ride?

To cancel a ride:

  1. Open the passenger app and tap on ‘My Rides’
  2. Tap on your ride
  3. Tap on ‘Cancel Ride’
Customer Service support

Let us help you! You can reach us via: 

  1. WhatsApp Hotline
  • Operation hours: 8.30am –  5.30pm, Monday – Friday (excludes public holidays).
  1. Facebook Messenger 
  • Operation hours: 8.30am –  5.30pm, Monday – Friday (excludes public holidays).
  1. Email: 
  • Available after working hours, weekends and public holidays.
SOS (Emergency button) in app

The SOS button located at the Top-Right corner of the screen is designed specifically for you to request immediate help from either the Police (999) or from any listed emergency contact number you have added into the list. 


How to request:
1. Tap the SOS Icon

  1. Tap ALLOW to proceed

3. You can choose to CALL 999 or CALL YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT

How do I partner with Riding Pink?

Please drop us an email at and let’s get in touch!

Driver Information

Who can be a Pink driver-partner?

To be eligible to drive with Riding Pink, you will need to fulfil the list of criteria;


  1. Malaysian Female aged 21-60 years old
  2. 4-door vehicle that is less than 10 years old
  3. Smartphone with access to GPS and Waze/Google Maps app
  4. E-Hailing PSV License  
  5. The complete documents/fee required for driver registration.


Download the Android App here.

For iOS users, please stay tuned as we shall release the Driver app in the near future! You can register as a driver via our website here.

What are the Pink driver-partner benefits?
  • You will be able to accept a ride in advance to plan your daily life accordingly
  • You will drive and earn more comfortably knowing you will only drive with a female/child passenger
  • You will be able to enjoy occasional promotions for your rides so be sure to follow our Facebook or Instagram and check the app’s  to get the latest promotions. 

Find out more about our 2022 Driver Incentives driving here!

How do I register as a Pink driver-partner?

Part 1. Meet the Driver Requirements


Upon meeting the driver’s requirements, please complete the documents and fee required for driver registration:

  • NRIC photo
  • Driving License photo
  • Driver account profile photo
  • Photo of Vehicle Insurance (with your name listed as Driver)
  • Photos of Vehicle (front view with the plate number shown)
  • 1st Top-up of driver’s Pink Credit (minimum RM20)


Part 2. Sign-up as a driver

  1. Available in Google Play for Android Users or register at our website for iOS users
  2. Search & Download Riding Pink Driver Android app ( Please register at our website if you are an iOS User.)
  3. Tap the Sign up button to start registration


Part 3. Obtain E-hailing PSV License (& Other Driver’s Documents)


As per JPJ Requirements, the following steps are as follows;


i. Pass the required medical check up (bring JPJ L8A form to the medical check-up)


ii. Attend training :

  • 6 hours training & 1 hour written exam (60 questions)
  • Passing marks of 80% and above
  • Candidates must clear outstanding summons before training


iii. Register at JPJ

  • Once you have passed (i) and (ii), register at any JPJ office for the PSV license and prepare the following documents:
  • Original or photocopy of MyKad
  • Original or photocopy of Driving License (CDL)
  • JPJL8A Form (Registration and Medical Form)
  • JPJL2C Certificate (Training Certificate)  
  • JPJL12 Certificate (PSV Exam Certificate)
  • 1 x colour photo (against a white background) size: 25 mm x 32 mm


iv. Go to the nearest Driving Institute to get your PSV license. While waiting for the PSV license to be processed and approved, you can get proof of your of test for documentation purposes here.


v. While waiting for your PSV, you would also need an EVP (e-Hailing Vehicle Permit) so we will require particular details of your vehicle in order for Riding Pink to apply for the EVP on your behalf.


vi. For your EVP application, please update your details here so we can apply the EVP on your behalf. Once approved, you will be informed of your EVP number. (printed copy is needed for East Malaysia only). Go to your insurer and purchase the annual e-hailing insurance add-on.


vii. You will need 2 e-hailing car windows stickers for the front and rear windscreen that you can collect at the Riding Pink office.


viii. If your vehicle is more than 3 years old from the date of manufacture, please go for a car inspection to get the PUSPAKOM disc. You need to have an EVP for the car inspection.


Click here to find your nearest Puspakom center

Click here to get an amazing deal for your e-hailing insurance!


Please note that the whole process of obtaining PSV and other Driver’s documents may take up to 1-2 weeks.

When will my registration be approved?

Please note it will require within 1 working day (within 24 hours) for driver’s registration to be approved. Our Admin team will contact you to inquire your driver’s registration if there are missing information detected from the submitted registration. 

Do I need to pay anything to drive?

You will be required to pay for your driver account’s Pink Credit with a minimum amount of RM 20 to begin driving with Riding Pink.

Do I need to pay anything to drive?

As a Riding Pink driver, you will earn 80% of the total fare of your rides while 20% goes towards Riding Pink. 

Can I accept a male passenger?

While our main policy emphasizes the rides to be for women and children only, there will be times when the passengers do not match the drivers registration due to pre-bookings done on behalf of a different unregistered passenger.  


We strongly encourage you to only accept female (and male passengers under 17 years old) according to our passenger policy.

Can I accept a passenger without their parent/legal guardian onboard?

Passengers who are under 16 years of age will be required to register as a passenger using their parent/guardian information. Therefore the parent/guardian is required to leave a remark to inform the drivers of their children as passengers for the ride.  


If there is a ride found to not display the remark about an expected child passenger, please contact our admin team to inform them of the ride in hand.

I saw the Promo code for passengers, am I paid less because the ride is discounted?

Your driver’s earnings will not be affected as Riding Pink will borne the discounted amount of the ride. 

You will be paid the share of the original fare before the discount is applied.

Can I become both Riding Pink Passenger & Driver?

Yes, you can! Some of the ladies in our Riding Pink community are both passengers and drivers as they want flexibility in driving and would also prefer only female drivers for themselves and/or their children.

PinkAID Information

How do I register for PinkAID?

PinkAID is our new all-in-1 service for your daily needs. Our Lady Drivers are now ready to serve and deliver with confidence for your convenience!


1. Click here to Order our Personal Shopper/Delivery/Runner services.


2. Click here to order & restock your 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask with delivery


3. Want to become our Lady driver in Johore? The demand is in and we want you! Register here.

What is PinkAID?

PinkAID is an extended service under Riding Pink that provides:


  1. Personal Shopper services
  2. Delivery services
  3. Runner services


Our all-women drivers are ready to provide these services when required, so make your order here now!