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PinkAID by RIDING PINK Terms of Services:

1. Riding Pink will match the customer with the closest Pink driver available to accept the PinkAID request. (preferably within 10km radius)

2. Following the recent MCO 2.0 operating hours, we highly advise all customers to book ahead of time (1 day before) to best secure a driver for the PinkAID delivery.

3. Designated Pink driver will liaise directly with the customer via a Whatsapp Group (arranged and mediated by Riding Pink admin) to ensure smooth communication throughout the PinkAID delivery.

4. Payment for PinkAID delivery and toll charges is paid by Pink Credits only.

5. Payment for the items to be purchased by the driver is paid by Bank Transfer into the Driver’s Bank Account which will be advised by Riding Pink Admin accordingly.

6. Customer will receive PinkAID fee quotation (discounted price is reflected if a promo code is applied) from Riding Pink admin before confirming the delivery request.


PinkAID Delivery Fee Charges:

1. RM5.00 for the first five (5) items.

2. RM1.00 /item is charged for subsequent items (6th item onwards).

3. Delivery rates charged at RM 1.20/KM (within 10km radius from driver’s location to 1st destination).

  • An additional charge of RM7.00 as base fare for delivery will be charged if Pink driver’s location is beyond the 10km radius.

4. Toll & parking charges (if any) will be paid by the customer.