Why Drive With Us

Earn More Income


Pink drivers enjoy 80% earnings of each ride.

Be Your Own Boss


Choose when, and how long to work. With Pre-booked Rides, you can arrange your schedule based on your convenience.

Driver’s Safety, Our Priority


All Pink passengers are women and children only. You reserve the right to accept/reject a ride if the passenger details given are incorrect.

Earn More With Us


Pre-booked Rides


A flexible way to boost your income at your own convenience.


Recurring Rides


Maximise your earnings by driving the same passengers on a weekly/monthly schedule!




Our #1 bestseller. Get steady income with Weekly Recurring Rides for children!


Airport Rides


Earn more when Pink passengers pre-book airport rides in advance (one way/return)


Personal Shopping + Delivery Service


Boost your income further by helping Pink passengers shop groceries, deliver small items and run errands.

Basic Requirements To Be A Pink Driver-Partner

Malaysian Female,
Age 21 – 69 years old

4-door vehicle,
less than 10 years

Complete Driver’s License

Car Insurance

Smartphone with Active Data Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay anything to drive?

You will be required to pay for your driver account’s Pink Credit with a minimum amount of RM 20 to begin driving with Riding Pink.

2. How much am I earning per ride?

As a Riding Pink driver, you will earn 80% of the total fare of your rides while 20% goes towards Riding Pink.

3. Can I drive without a PSV license?

Recurring Drivers do not require PSV licenses but will not able to receive pre-booked rides. Driver-Partners with PSV licenses will be able to receive and accept both pre-booked and recurring rides.

Please note that we strongly urge our Riding Pink drivers to only start driving with Riding Pink once they have submitted their PSV license as per the Malaysian Ministry of Transport (MoT) regulations and Riding Pink shall not be held responsible for any legal action taken onto the drivers reported driving without a PSV license. 

4. Can I drive full-time with Riding Pink?

Driving full-time is based on the number of rides you accept when driving for Riding Pink. 

To earn above the Malaysian standard amount of the gazetted minimum wage, you will need to complete 20 rides per month. Please note that rides are pre-booked therefore you will have the opportunity to schedule your daily rides.

5. What are my rights as a Riding Pink Driver?

  • You have the right to reject or accept the ride if the passenger’s identity does not match the original passenger you have agreed to accept before-hand. 

  • You have the right to reject or accept any ride that you find suspicious and is potentially harmful to you or your vehicle. 

  • You have the right to reject or accept any ride if the passenger has requested different destinations or additional requests that do not match the accepted request