Amazing discounts on your e-hailing insurance with Riding Pink & Policy Street!

Dear Pink Sisters

Worried about the e-hailing insurance coverage that has been made compulsory by the government? Fret not, Riding Pink and our valued insurance partner, Policy Street is here to make it easier for you!

While we are at talks to avail discounts across all insurance providers, right now, we are able to offer special rates on Alliance and AXA insurance.

Through renewing your policy and adding on the e-hailing top up through Riding Pink & Policy Street, you will be entitled to the following discounts:

Alliance: 5% of total premium (gross annual premium + 10% e-hailing top up)

AXA: 10% of total premium (gross annual premium + 10% e-hailing top up)

E-hailing top is 10% of your gross premium. So lets say your gross premium is RM1000 per year and you were to add in an e-hailing coverage top up, you would now pay RM1100 per year. However this does not include the amazing discounts we have made available to you as above!

You get to enjoy these discounts whenever you renew through our platform, irregardless if you are switching from another insurer or if you are an existing AXA or Alliance client that renews through us.

To renew or to sign up with AXA, simply click on this link:

To renew or sign up with Alliance, reply to this email with the following information:

  1. i) Vehicle reg no
  2. ii) Car make and year
    iii) Full name (as per IC)
    iv) NRIC
    v) Contact No
    vi) Email

Get to know more about the e-hailing coverage here:

  1. AXA 

  1. Allianz 

Please see attached

Allianz e-Hailing Add On Flyer

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you soon!