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Thank you for your interest. Here’s a little bit on how we operate. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it soon.

What do I earn?

For each completed ride, you will earn 80% of the total fare amount (20% payable to Riding Pink). Any toll charges incurred during the ride is payable directly back to you by the rider.

How do I collect payment for completed rides?

We currently operate on a cash and credit system.

Cash payment

Upon arriving at the drop-off location, kindly collect the fare amount and applicable toll charges incurred directly from your rider.

Rider Credit

Driver's pink credit will get topped up when they accept the ride (according to the fare). Kindly collect any applicable toll charges in cash.

How is payment made to Riding Pink?

Via Pink Credit. Pink Credit is a prepaid system which drivers will have to topup before accepting any rides. Once you acecpt a ride, the deduction of 20% commission will be immediately reflected in the credit. To accept jobs, your credit should be POSITIVE. If a ride gets cancelled, the deducted credit gets refunded immediately.

Setting up your profile

After registration please make sure to complete Your Profile and let us know your preferences:

   • Will you be joining us full time or on a part time basis;

   • What are your preferred pick-up locations;

   • Would you like to make airport trips?*

   • Outstation trips?

*Kindly note that for airport trips, we do allow families and male riders on-board. As such, please do not hesitate to let us know if you would prefer strictly women riders.

When will I start getting requests?

Once you have selected your preferences, all incoming ride requests that are within your preferred areas will be displayed when you log in to your account. You may however, view all other requests that have been made.

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To accept rides with us, Pink Drivers are required to put deposits with us.

Your deposit amount will determine your credit limit.

Your credit limit will allow you to accept rides with us.

Each time you take a ride, your 20% owned to RP will reduce your credit limit.

For example, if you make a deposit of RM100, your credit limit will be RM100 and you will be able to take rides with us until the full RM100 credit limit is exceeded. A RM20 ride will reduce the credit limit by RM4 (20% of fare).

At any time you wish to stop driving or take out part of your deposits for cash, simply let us know and we'll refund the necessary amounts to your bank account.

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Part Full time: Drivers who do not have a full time permanent job and are able to take up jobs throughout the day, depending on their schedule.
Part time: Drivers who have a permanent job and can only drive for limited hours daily, most likely confined to before or after work or on weekends.

Driver Type   


In consideration of Riding Pink Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 1211274-H) (“Riding Pink”) agreeing to provide ride-matching services to me as a driver by matching passengers to my vehicle, I agree, represent, undertake and warrant as follows:

a. I acknowledge, understand and agree that Riding Pink’s business is limited solely to matching passengers requiring transportation services with me (“Transportation Services”) who is willing to provide such Transportation Services and accordingly, Riding Pink shall not be responsible for nor accepts any liability for any loss or damage to property or injury sustained to the passengers and/or third party and/or myself (“Losses”) through provision of such Transportation Services;

b. I understand and acknowledge the inherent risks to the passengers and myself when using the Transportation Services. These include, but are not limited to injury and any bodily harm and damages to property;

c. I further represent, undertake and warrant that (i) I have a valid driving license issued by the relevant authorities in Malaysia; (ii) my car is in good working order, condition, roadworthy and possesses the necessary documentations in accordance with all applicable laws in Malaysia; and (iii) I shall not allow anyone to use my identity/registration/vehicle to provide the Transportation Services;

d. I fully acknowledge, understand and agree that I am not in any way an employee or agent of Riding Pink and as such I am solely responsible with the maintenance of my vehicle, including but not limited to cost and expense of maintaining the necessary insurance, road tax and other taxes payable in respect of my vehicle;

e. I do not have any known conditions that may in any way affect my ability to drive my vehicle and/or to provide the Transportation Service in a safe manner;

f. I shall at all times during my provision of the Transportation Services drive my vehicle in a safe and cautious manner and in the event that my vehicle and/or myself is issued with any summons, including but not limited to summons issued by the police, or any government/state authorities, I am fully responsible;

g. I acknowledge, understand and agree that passengers matched to me is not employee or agent of Riding Pink and as such Riding Pink have absolutely no control over the behaviour of the passengers during the provision of the Transportation Services and as such, Riding Pink shall not be responsible for any Losses caused by the passengers. For the avoidance of doubt, I understand that even when the passengers who are also employee or agent of Riding Pink are using my Transportation Services, they are using the Transportation Services not in the capacity as employee or agent of Riding Pink. As such, Riding Pink shall not be responsible for nor liable for acts of the passengers during their usage of my Transportation Services;

h. I acknowledge and agree that I am to pay Riding Pink Sdn Bhd a total of 20% of total fare collected as a result of rendering my services as a driver for the company. Payments will be made upon request by the company to the company within the payment terms granted.

i. to the fullest extent permitted by law, I release, hold harmless and shall indemnify, protect and defend Riding Pink, its partners, employees, agents and services in respect of any Losses that Riding Pink may suffer and/or incur in relation to any and all claims, proceedings, demands, suits or actions (including all legal fees incurred in connection therewith on a solicitor-client basis) made by or brought on behalf of any passengers or third parties in respect of the Transportation Services or Riding Pink’s services in arranging the same, including any Losses caused by any actual or alleged negligence of Riding Pink, its partners, employees, agents and servants. This exclusion of liability and my indemnity to Riding Pink shall apply regardless of whether such Losses are direct, indirect, special or consequential and includes death and personal injury. I further agree that this limitation of liability and my indemnity to Riding Pink shall apply regardless of whether legal proceedings are instituted and whether the Losses are claimed in contract, tort (including negligence) or on any other basis;

j. I have the full power and authority to provide such agreement, representations and warranties on behalf of myself; and

k. if any of the foregoing provisions are found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions in the foregoing which shall remain in full force and effect.

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The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) regulates and authorizes the processing of personal data in respect to commercial transactions. In line with the PDPA, this Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”) is to inform you of how Riding Pink Sdn. Bhd. (“We”, “Us”) collects, records, holds, stores, uses, discloses and/or processes your personal data which may include without limitation, your name, gender, age, date of birth, nationality, identity card/passport number, contact details (such as telephone number, email address, address, profile photo), occupation, user name, race, car registration number, car model, vehicle insurance, bank account details and/or other information/data relating to you (“Personal Data”). If applicable, we may also collect, record, hold, store, use, disclose and/or otherwise process your family member’s Personal Data from time to time.
Please note that the provision of your Personal Data is voluntary. If however you do not provide us with your Personal Data, we may not be able to communicate and/or provide the services that you require from us.

1. Source of Information

1.1 Your Personal Data is collected by us through the following methods, which include but are not limited to:
- Information or comments you have provided to us by whatsoever means and/or in whatsoever manner;
- Information obtained independently by us or given to us from other lawful sources.

2. Purpose of Collecting Information

2.1 Your Personal Data is collected for, but not limited to, the following reasons:
- Verification of your identity and processing of your personal particulars and requests;
- Conducting background checks as may be necessary or appropriate;
- Contacting you as per day-to-day business operations;
- Conducting day-to-day business operations and the exchange of rider/driver information to fulfil your requests;
- Contacting you for the delivery of notices, statements, invoices, etc.;
- Responding to your requests, queries, feedback and/or complaints;
- For organizing events or other marketing or promotional activities;
- For marketing research, user profile and statistical analysis and other development activities to improve our services for your benefit;
- To protect and enforce our contractual and legal rights and obligations, including but not limited to matters relating to accident claims, litigation and/or third party settlement;
- To comply with any applicable laws and regulations, codes of practices, guidelines or to assist in law enforcement and/or investigations by any governmental authority, public agency, statutory board or similar authority; and/or
- Maintaining a continuous relationship with you and allowing us to provide continuous support and upkeeping of any relating matters relating thereto.

2.2 In connection with this, we may also from time to time for the above purposes request further information from you and subject to any notice to the contrary from you, you are deemed to have consented to provide us with such information as requested for.

3. Disclosure of Information

3.1 Certain Personal Data may be required to be disclosed to third parties, including but not limited to the following, for one or more of the purposes as listed above:
- Agents, contractors and/or third party service providers who provide operational service to us e.g. information technology service providers;
- Third party business partners collaborating on corporate promotional events with us;
- Our auditors, accountants, lawyers, or other professional advisers;
- Any person to whom we are required to act under the law or in relation to any order of judgement of a court, or in response to relevant government regulators, governmental authorities, public agencies, law enforcement agencies, statutory boards or similar authorities;
- Any other party(ies) to whom you authorize us to disclose your Personal Data.

4. Accuracy of Information

4.1 We also endeavour to ensure that your Personal Data is accurate and complete, however, this will depend on the efforts taken by you to ensure that all Personal Data submitted to us is complete, true and correct.

4.2 You will be fully responsible to update us on any changes to your Personal Data that is initially provided to us. We will not be liable for relying or using incomplete or inaccurate Personal Data arising from your lack of updates to us.

5. Retention of InformationAccuracy of Information

5.1 We will retain your Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this notice unless a longer retention period is required or as may be required by applicable law.

5.2 When destroying your Personal Data, we will take commercially reasonable and technically feasible measures to make the Personal Data irrecoverable and irreproducible, as may be required by applicable law.

6.Access and Correction of Information

6.1 Should you require to access/ update/ complete/ delete your Personal Data stored with us, you may request to do so by making a written request to us via email or letter.

6.2 Should you wish to object/ withdraw, in full or part of, your consent given to us to use certain Personal Data for the purposes listed above, you may request to do so by making a written request to us via email or letter stating your objections

6.3 Kindly direct your request to: ***, Attention: Compliance Officer

6.4 Please note that your request above shall only be effective upon our acknowledgment of receipt thereof and may be subjected to applicable laws and/or prescribed fees under any prevailing data protection laws.

7. Security and Safeguards

7.1 We aim to keep and process Personal Data in a secure manner. We will take all precautions necessary, where practicable, to implement appropriate administrative and security safeguards on our database to protect your Personal Data disclosed to use and prevent unauthorized access, collection, usage, disclosure, copying, modification and/or disposal of your Personal Data.

7.2 As our information storage facilities and servers may be located in other jurisdictions, your Personal Data may be transferred to, stored, used and processed in a jurisdiction other than Malaysia.

7.3 Please note that even with such preventive safeguards and procedures in place, no electronic transmission can be entirely secure. We cannot assume responsibility for any unauthorized use of your Personal Data retrieved by third parties which are wholly attributable to factors beyond our control.

7.4 Any user identification and/or passwords used on our website should be kept secure and not shared with anyone. You are to ensure that you exercise caution to ensure that your information is protected and not accessible by anyone other than yourself. We cannot assume responsibility for any unauthorized third party access arising from your failure to keep such information confidential.

8. Consent

8.1 By interacting with us and/or by engaging us to provide services to you and/or by using/accessing our website at www (or any subsequent URL which may replace it) and/or by using/accessing our mobile application, you hereby consent to the collection, recording, holding, storing, usage, disclosure, and/or processing of your Personal Data among ourselves as well as our business partners and other relevant third parties (based within or outside Malaysia).

9. Language

9.1 In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the English language version of this Notice and the Bahasa Malaysia language version of this Notice, the English language version of this Notice shall prevail with respect to such inconsistency or conflict.

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